Cypress, TX | Open House List | October 3rd & 4th

Looking to make a move this Fall and have some free time on your hands this weekend? Take a look below at some of the top open houses being held this weekend across the Cypress area!

Would you prefer a personal tour of a properties in the area? Reach us at 832-590-0230 and we can set up a personal tour of homes for any available listings that you would like to visit.

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Saturday, October 3rd

Fairfield 11:30am - 3pm
Longwood Village10am - 6pm
College Park West 12pm -4pm
Gates at Cayon Lakes West12pm - 4pm
College Park West 1pm - 4pm
Bridgeland2pm - 4pm
Cypress Creek Lakes1pm - 4pm
Bridgeland3pm - 6pm
Bridgeland11am - 2:30pm
Towne Lake2pm - 5pm
Canyon Lakes at Stone Gate1pm - 3pm
Pine Creek at Canyon Lakes West2:45pm -3:45pm
Fairfield 11am - 1pm
Fairfield 11:45am - 5pm
Fairfield 11am - 2pm

Sunday, October 4th

Fairfield2pm - 4pm
Fairfield1pm - 5pm
Canyon Lakes West12pm - 3pm
Fairfield2pm - 4pm
Cypress Creek Lakes2pm - 5pm
Bridgeland2pm - 4pm
Cypress Mills2pm - 4pm
Hearthstone Place12pm - 3pm
Canyon Lakes at Stone Gate12pm - 2pm
Lakewood Forest2pm - 4pm
Winchester Country Trails12pm - 2pm
Lakewood Crossing2pm-4pm
Winterhaven1pm -4pm